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Scanner Daybook

Postby ockam » Sun Mar 30, 2008 9:58 pm

I am struggling with the scanner daybook concept. I don't understand the approach to tangents. from page 14 "When a tangent comes along, follow it, but not in the same area you were writing in. Instead, draw a line int the fathest right-hand area of the right-hand page, ending at the top of the page (to leave room below for other tangents that might come along), and continute that arrow a few inches into the next blank page." questions: 1. where does the arrow start from? 2. do you identify the tangent? on the arrow? start of arrow? 3. the tangent points to the next blank page which wont be blank when once you explore the tangent, so how do you find your tangents when you revisit the book? Maybe I need a visual for this, for I am just unable to start while I don't understand how to navigate the book, since I am bound to have about 10 tangents a page and fear I will not have a clue where to look for them, and i want to maintain connectivity between tangents. perhaps with an example i could rephrase my issues better
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Re: Scanner Daybook

Postby polymath » Sun Mar 30, 2008 10:25 pm

I didn't really understand that, either, but if I were to make a daybook, I'd just write in really small margins, leaving plenty of room for excess information/after thoughts. Consider writing in a graph notebook... that's what I do. That way you can measure out two or three inches on each side of your writing for extra notes.
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Re: Scanner Daybook

Postby scannergirl » Tue Apr 01, 2008 11:38 am

It didn't work for me, either. I number the pages of my daybook, and when a tangent comes along I simply make a small arrow with the pagenumber behind it. Something like this: -> p.9 That way I know where to look for the topic but I don't have to clutter the page with long arrows across the whole page. On the page where you write about the tangent you can also make a note about where you come from: <- p. 6. I think you just have to adapt the ideas for the Daybook so they fit you. I hope I was able to help. Scannergirl
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Re: Scanner Daybook

Postby durentu » Sun Dec 13, 2015 6:30 pm

I've just started reading the book and began my daybook.

The important thing about tangents is that they are captured, and allowed to develop in order to capture its 'essence'. I believe that tangent should be written away from the original (or originating) idea so that the tangent doesn't mix with the original idea when you go back to it. In a way "to give the tangent it's own space".

I think I will incorporate mind maps to capture tangents.
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Re: Scanner Daybook

Postby NowIknow » Tue Dec 15, 2015 8:40 am

I think you could do it your own way, as long as you could capture the idea. Try going back to see whether you understand the idea or not. For me I drew the expected finished product and made note on the side if the picture is not clear how it was done. :)
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Re: Scanner Daybook

Postby elizagard » Thu Feb 04, 2016 12:57 pm

It's your daybook, so you can organize it (or not) however you like. Here is a link to some visuals of a few daybooks: ... adgCFXM%3A

Personally, I don't use the arrows. I do have page numbers, but using them for cross-refs as someone else suggested is a good idea. When a tangent comes up, I just start a new page somewhere in the book. If the tangent is unrelated, I might skip a bunch of pages. For example:

* Photograph of kids playing music
* Map of undone projects in house (left page)
* Harmony of senses themes (right page)
* Mother nature list (left page)
* Photograph of woman alone on top of mountain "May Peace Be Yours Always (right page)
* Tea table (eating outside) photo and list (left page)
* Another table of people eating outside (right page)
* List - creative, ocean, color, nature (left page)
* Two photos - woman painting at the beach, art supplies on a desk (right page)
* List - friends, ocean, sharing, laughing (left page)
* Three photos - two friends talking, three friends at cafe, two friends walking at the beach
* List - paris, french, language, walking, old-fashioned, history, travel, museums art (left page)
* Photo - Camera store in France
* Organize American Art Museum in DC (this was 2006/7 and I've heard it's improved since then).
* Write a book about objects in the American History Museum
* Documentary or book about women immigrants
* Skip a bunch of pages
* Side Garden
* Garden at front door
* Empty pages
* Random fortune cookie fortunes about opportunity, respect, achievement, good things, and the sun pasted on page
* Blank pages
* A few pages about exercise and eating
* Blank pages
* A few pages about travel
* Scanner's big list - six pages!
* Travel - seven pages
* Sports - four pages
* Creative - two pages
* What I haven't done on my Big List pages
* What I haven't done much on my Big List Pages
* Another unfinished projects map page 2008
* Another sports page followed by blank page
* Language page followed by a blank page
* Music page followed by a blank page
* Arts and crafts followed by a blank page
* Summer 2008 page
* Excellence/competence page
* Master interest page
* Daily, weekly, monthly interest page
* Sybil interest page
* Cyclical interest/sequential interest page
* Sampler interests
* Double agent interest/wanderer interests
* Blank page
* Piano goals and French goals page
* Many blank pages
* Nature/rest/relaxation and home page
* Creativity/celebration and fashion/sensuality page
* Body/wellness and spirit/learning page
* Service/wealth page and Relationships/communication page
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