Let's write a new 99c Kindle Book for Scanners!

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Let's write a new 99c Kindle Book for Scanners!

Postby BarbaraSher » Sun Jan 03, 2016 6:39 am

I just posted this in the other topic, but I think it needs its own topic because it's down at the bottom of the first discussion. I'll go get it now.
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Re: Let's write a new 99c Kindle Book for Scanners!

Postby BarbaraSher » Sun Jan 03, 2016 6:40 am

kashtanka wrote:
I downloaded Barbara's book today and it was very good. I'm looking forward to more of her e-books.

Thanks, Kashtanka, I want to do that. I just got another idea for one:

1) I'd like to gather good stories from Scanners - Success stories, even small ones. Just how Scanners solved any problems that come with being a Scanner. Any Scanner story with a happy ending will do. Even if the solution fell out of the sky.

2) I'll charge 99c for that book, too, and try to get it out into the world as much as possible because I think it will help a lot of Scanners.

What do you think? If you like the idea, help me develop it! Or send a story! How many should we have?

Let's see, I have a bunch of Scanner stories in my books (I Could Do Anything... and Refuse to Choose) and I told some new stories in Hanging Out and in the TEDx talk I did (whenever it goes up!). I'm sure I can use those. Some people haven't read my books yet. :-) Or they've forgotten the stories. Or they love to hear good stories over and over like I do. And I'm hearing new ones all the time, on Facebook, etc.

3) Format: 1 to 3 pages long (that's about 300 to 900 words unless it's really got to be longer, in which case, make it longer!)

4) Categories: Um. I don't know.

- Scanner Clutter:
The easiest, of course, will be different solutions to Scanner Clutter. Where do you put all those projects? There are some great solutions up here already (check NowIKnow - he put photos in his project drawers of the contents!)

- Great Careers for Scanners
The hardest might be 'How I found the right Scanner job for me,' but it would be very interesting. Got to tell the whole story: what you tried that didn't work, how you managed to find something that did work, any advice you want to give.

What other categories could there be? How about

- How to School Critics!' :-)
That is, clever answers to those horrible things thoughtless (or mean) critics always say to Scanners. Not the answers you have in your minds :-) but the ones you can actually say that make them look like jerks. (You know I love making hurtful people look like jerks.)

- How a Scanner can choose (and stick with) a thesis
I wouldn't have suggested that but i already got the answer from someone.

If I use your story I will, of course, send you the free manuscript. But at 99c you might prefer to make the book popular and gain the fame and glory you rightfully deserve!! :-)

Definitely sign your name if you want me to use the story! You don't have to, of course, but if it will help you in any way, go right ahead and do it. Your story will help everyone who reads the book. But don't bother yourself with trying to write literature! Just send a letter and tell a story. I'll ask questions if I need more.

Let's discuss the shape of the project here - more categories, etc. - and maybe you should email your stories to me instead of posting them here. If you want to do it that way just go to the homepage of this site - http://www.barbarasher.com - and scroll down to the contact button (whatever it says these days) and click on it. Your email will come right into my inbox. And I will enjoy that mightily!

Yummy. I love a new idea. Look how good we'll feel if we complete it! :-) And how much fun we'll have even if we don't.
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