To train in Barbaras methods of coaching

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To train in Barbaras methods of coaching

Post by Hovebear »

Hi Everyone,

Here is my challenges and they are interesting, I want to use the methods that Barbara has taught to coaches in order to help others, as well as a success team leader. These may sound easy however there are a number of barriers (I refuse to call these impossible, as I know there has to be a way to achieve what is burning inside me to do). I apologise in advance for the length of the challenges, but I want to find my way forwards and I know that you will be able to help me find a way and what I have already done to attempt progress.

Challenges I face:

1. The training programme ended in 2014,as such discovering Babara after this date. I am unable to undertake direct training.
2. I am medically retired at 46 and living on disability. I will not allow a lack of finances to prevent training to occur, this would be to easy to allow resistance to kick in and not go for my dream. I have skills in website building and someone may be willing to trade their knowledge for a custom built website and maintained for a fixed period of time.
3. I have contacted the listed coaches, all based in Germany, but the majority of the responses are for me to contact Barbara diretly, already done, as they dont train people in coaching or in her methods.
4. There are no coaches listed who are based in the UK, indeed after searches I am at present unable to find anyone and as such there is such a need for someone to be trained to bring Barbara to people who are feeling lost and see resistance winning when all they need is someone to show them the way.
5. I also want to be a success team leader, as I want people to find and give their unique talents to the world. I have contacted the person who is based in London, but I have not received any response. I know that I can purchase the training, but it will take a long time to gain the finances necessary to make this purchase.
6. Barbara recorded a number of 'specials' for PBS in America, I have contacted these to purchase, but due to legal restrictions they are unable to ship to the UK, where I am based.

I could go on about the challenges I need to find ways through, but basically the challenge is, how to understand and use Barbara's methods so I am able to coach people to achieve the lives the truly want. I have always had jobs in the past where there has been a large element of coaching and supporting people to move forwards and seeing the light in peoples eyes when they know what they want to do and how to achieve it, is beyond measure.

Thank you everyone for your time and any help that you are able to offer to me in moving forwards.

Kind regards to you all.


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Re: To train in Barbaras methods of coaching

Post by Elaine Glimme »

Hi, Hovebear,

I hope you get your wish.

As you probably know, Barbara Sher is stepping back from all the work she used to due because of health. Patty N. has worked with Barbara for many years, and leads the classes that Barbara started. It's not much information, I know, but maybe it'll get you started.

Good luck.
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Re: To train in Barbaras methods of coaching

Post by inspiresuccess »

Hovebear wrote: I know that I can purchase the training, but it will take a long time to gain the finances necessary to make this purchase.

What exactly is the training that you can purchase and how much does it cost?

As far as just being a success team leader, that's something you can do without training. I think it's in Wishcraft where she describes how to lead a team. I did it myself once. Creating and leading a success team could be your first experience using her methods. You could learn by doing and get specific training later.

It sounds like you want two things. The first is to motivate people the way Barbara Sher has. The second is to make money doing it.

As far as the first goes, it sounds like you have more experience than you think you do based on the jobs you've already had. Leading Success Teams can add to that experience.

As to the second thing -- making money doing it -- I don't have much of a suggestion.

I wish you luck in this endeavor. One of the things you definitely have going for you is determination and the willingness to put the time and work into achieving your dream. Congratulations for that!

Inspire Success

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Re: To train in Barbaras methods of coaching

Post by SSNT »

Hi Stephen,

I am very much interested in joining a success team in London if you're still interested in running them. I've PM'd you - and am sending you good wishes!



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Re: To train in Barbaras methods of coaching

Post by BarbaraSher »

Go to to find locations of most Success Teams.

Go on eBay to see if you can find some of the DVDs from the public TV stations. I'm so sorry they won't send them to you overseas. I only have a couple myself. Maybe you can figure out how much the cost plus postage from NY to you will be,and I can buy what you want. I won't have time to do the research but would like to help if I can.

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