Looking for ideas and leads for guest speak gigs

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Looking for ideas and leads for guest speak gigs

Postby zstein » Wed Oct 03, 2001 12:06 pm

Hi Gang, I have been guest speaking at colleges in mostly communication classes for a while, teaching three unique workshops. 1)A version of Barbs: Wishcraft/Teamworks 2)Improv Comedy 3)Mirroring, modeling, building rapport and nonverbal communication skills. Wish: I am moving to Portland, Maine in a few days and was interested in finding a (for fee)speaking gig in the new england area, at a colleges, for business or for groups one day a week or more. Obstacle: I need ideas and suggestions to network, and possibly contacts and leads or ultimately invitation to speak (The Bulls Eye) (I do not do weddings and bar mitzvahs chuckles) Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks Brian
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